With summer in the air Maui becomes a very special place. It is a little quieter then our peak winter months of January and February. Of course there are not any Humpback whales to watch because they have all migrated back to Alaska, but there are many water activities now available. Parasailing, jet skiing, scuba, snorkeling and the summer surf are all great reasons to be on Maui and in the water. The weather so far has been out standing! Last year it was a little warm and there were a few to many days that the Kona winds blew making it a little sticky. This year it’s been beautiful sunsets and plenty of trade winds – our natural air conditioning keeping the days very comfortable. The real estate market remains active with many good buys still available. There is nothing like owning a investment property on Maui where you can come and go as you please and when you’re not using the property it is in a robust rental operation helping you to off set your cost of ownership. If you would like additional information on these options please contact me so I can provide you with detailed information on a property that might be of interest to you. Until then as we say in the islands A Hui Hou – until we meet again! Aloha nui